Here For You In All Of Life’s Legal Challenges

Last updated on August 26, 2020

When a legal problem arises, it is natural to feel a range of emotions from anxious to frustrated to confused. During difficult times, an attorney can give you clarity and support.

Cleaveland, Macoubrie & Cox, L.L.C., Attorneys at Law, understands the questions and concerns that you might have when preparing to solve a legal issue. You deserve to get a full assessment of your options. Our Missouri attorneys have deep experience in a variety of practice areas. We are ready to give you detailed insight.

Meeting The Community’s Legal Needs

You do not need to travel to a big city to access professional legal services for cases involving:

  • Criminal defense: Traffic violations, driving while intoxicated (DWI), assault, theft, internet crimes and other criminal charges
  • Personal injury claims: Car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle wrecks, slip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractice and nursing home negligence
  • Estate planning: Creation of a will and other documents to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • Family law: Divorce, child custody, child support disputes and other family needs

When there is an opportunity to take proactive action for your benefit, we will do so. We will look at the big picture of your situation to figure out how to provide a long-term solution.

A Proven Commitment To You

Our firm has served Chillicothe and Livingston County for generations. We are proud of our deep personal and professional roots in our community.

Our attorneys get to know each client as an individual, paying attention to their goals and concerns. Your priorities matter to us regardless of whether you are focused on keeping access to your children, defending against criminal charges or preparing for the future.

Learn About Your Options

Cleaveland, Macoubrie & Cox makes transparent communication a priority. Speak with one of our attorneys by scheduling a consultation at 660-262-4220 or through our contact form. You can expect to receive honest advice that can help you get started with your case.